Outsourcing your IT

The outsourcing IT services can be a difficult decision small businesses who are accustomed to managing this responsibility in house. This decision can be made more difficult because of the many unknowns of outsourcing, such as costs, data security, and accessibility of data. Thus, an IT Assessment is a valuable first step.

1. Input Meeting
We conduct a conversation with the owner or business leaders to understand their business and objectives to ensure the IT recommendations provide the competitive advantage they need. We discuss the needs of the business based on its mission, vision, goals and market and discuss concerns and how the existing IT infrastructure is meeting those needs or not.

2. On-Site Walk Through
Next, we conduct a thorough walk through of the organization and assess the current IT infrastructure and processes. We evaluate:

  1. IT Support- Remote & On-Site
  2. Network Configuration
  3. Server Management
  4. Desktop Management
  5. Data Backup
  6. Industry-Specific Applications
  7. Mobile IT Strategy
  8. Domain Hosting (web and e-mail)
  9. IT Documentation and Configuring Detailed Reporting
  10. Other areas specific to the company or industry

3. Written Findings Report
The findings from the walk through are detailed in a report and a work plan with recommendations for short-term, mid-term and long-term implementation. Specific attention is given to applying modern technology and approaches that will make the organization more efficient and reduce overall costs.

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